Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another major endorsement for Dialight’s LED White Strobe Technology

Dialight’s unique all LED L-864/L-865 Flashing Dual (White/Red) Strobe secures its second substantial buying commitment from a major tower operator.

Applied LED lighting technology specialist Dialight Plc, today announced that an agreement has been signed with a second major US telecom tower operator, for its LED white strobe technology. The commitment from the operator is to use Dialight’s unique LED technology for all new towers, all light replacements and repairs. Initial shipments have already commenced and the agreement will continue through at least the end of 2010. The combined volumes of product expected from this and the contract announced in June with another major operator represent only a small percentage of the installed base of towers that could be retrofitted with these Dialight products, illustrating this significant market opportunity.

Currently the only product in its class, Dialight’s LED dual strobe offers more than 10 years life expectancy and avoids the need for dangerous and expensive tower climbs to replace conventional light sources.

Dialight CEO, Roy Burton, comments: “I am delighted to announce yet another significant commitment for our White LED tower products. Once again, this highlights Dialight’s position at the forefront of Solid State Lighting technology, satisfying those opportunities where the intelligent application of LEDs will bring superior value to our customer base.”