Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dialight plc to sponsor CABE Sustainable Cities Programme

Applied LED technology specialist, Dialight plc announced today that it is to be the lead sponsor of the 2009-10 Sustainable Cities Programme for the UK’s Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, CABE.

CABE’s Sustainable Cities Programme cuts through the complexities of the climate change debate to provide expert advice, offer clear priorities for action and describe good practice in sustainable urban design and management. The resource supports the people whose job it is to make decisions about how to plan, design and manage towns and cities. Dialight’s support enables CABE to extend its role with eight English core cities, working alongside teams of professionals at the cutting edge to support and learn from delivering new initiatives and improvements in the UK’s major urban areas.

Roy Burton, CEO Dialight said, “Dialight is committed to improving the quality of the built environment. We pride ourselves not only on adding value through the excellence of our technology, but also ensuring it is implemented to enhance the quality of the existing urban scene.

“Most traditional lighting solutions are wasteful. Lighting is often overlooked as a major contributor of carbon emissions, but globally it accounts for 20% of electricity consumption. Conversion to LED technology could reduce that by half. That’s a huge saving of CO2.”

Edward Hobson, Head of research at CABE said, “CABE sees climate change not as a threat but as an opportunity: an opportunity to improve the quality of our towns and cities. The challenge facing us is how to identify the best solutions across different disciplines to deliver prosperity, resilience and quality of life for people. We welcome Dialight’s participation in exploring the ways forward for the public and private sectors to deliver this shared ambition.”

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