Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dialight's DuroSite™ LED High Bay lighting helps Frontline International Meet "Green" Sustainability Goals

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As a company specializing in cooking oil management solutions, Frontline International is rapidly growing a “green” business in producing equipment for recycling oil as alternative renewable fuels. Dialight’s highly energy efficient DuroSite Series LED High Bay lighting fixtures are helping them meet customer expectations for environmentally responsible sustainable practices.

Frontline International, Inc. is a leading global supplier of commercial restaurant equipment for managing cooking oil. Their OilCare™ solutions safely and efficiently contain, dispense, filter and transport oil for initial fresh oil use and immediate on-premise recycling. Frontline’s customers include large restaurant chains, hotels, commercial food processing companies, institutions and universities around the world.

The “green” side of their business, focuses on manufacturing and warehousing commercial kitchen equipment that efficiently recycles used cooking oil for use as renewable alternative fuels, has grown steadily to the point where now all of the equipment they produce is geared toward recycling. As the company expanded, many of their eco-conscious customers began asking about the sustainability and environmental impact of Frontline’s own operations.

According to company president John Palazzo, Frontline felt compelled to explore ways to make their operations more environmentally friendly. “Sixty percent of our operation is assembly work, manufacturing the equipment. So as part of our initial sustainability initiative, one of the first places we looked to improve our practices was in our manufacturing facilities.”