Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dialight Releases New LED Traffic Signal Calculator

Dialight LED Traffic Signal Energy & Maintenance Savings Calculator

The New Traffic Comparison Calculator features:

  • Ability to compare the total first year costs of Dialight LED vs. competing technologies by providing the ability to calculate the energy consumption differences and product cost.

  • Clear and concise single page entry with dropdown selections for the competition, energy rates, labor rates, and module installation time.

  • Rebates can now be factored into the payback analysis.

  • Simple 1-click report generated from the data entry page eliminates the need to enter data multiple times.

The updated calculator will quickly allow you to enter your actual requirements once and with the dropdown selections of the various competitors, allow you to generate the necessary reports to clearly demonstrate the advantages you will receive by using a complete package of Dialight LED traffic signal products.