Monday, April 26, 2010

Dialight StreetSENSE™ LED Street Light Certified by Designlights™ Consortium

Dialight StreetSENSE™ LED Street Light Certified by Designlights™ Consortium

High Energy Efficiency, Low Maintenance Earns StreetSENSE™ a Coveted Spot on DLC’s Qualified Products List

Farmingdale, NJ (April 26, 2010) – Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), an innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, today announced that its StreetSENSE™ SL Series LED Street Light has achieved the qualifications of the Designlights™ Consortium’s Solid State Lighting Fixtures Qualified Products List. This recognition attributes to the StreetSENSE luminaire’s energy efficiency and lighting efficacy for roadway lighting applications.

The DLC’s Qualified Products List serves as a resource guide for program administrators to determine which lighting products meet established energy efficiency guidelines currently not addressed in the US Department of Energy’s Energy Star program. The goal is to ensure that high-quality, energy-efficient lighting design becomes commonplace in all lighting installations. The program is operated by the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership and sponsored by numerous utility companies, energy research and public service organizations.

Fixtures listed on the DLC’s qualified product list may be eligible for state and utility energy efficiency program incentives—rebates that can enhance the overall energy and maintenance cost savings of retrofitting existing traditional fixtures with high-efficiency, low-maintenance LED fixtures like the Dialight StreetSENSE.

“We are very pleased to be included in the DLC’s list of qualified products,” said Roy Burton, Dialight’s Group Chief Executive. “The energy and maintenance cost of street lighting in the U.S. alone is in the hundreds of millions of dollars. With products like our StreetSENSE high-performance LED fixture, municipalities and DOT agencies can not only save money, but also reduce the environmental footprint of their roadway lighting programs. The DLC’s qualified products list can help them find the right products to meet their needs and meet their sustainability goals.”

The Dialight StreetSENSE luminaire consumes just 131W with 70 percent lumen maintenance over 60,000 operating hours with instant on/off response in a mercury-free, shock- and vibration-resistant fixture that offers a power factor greater than .95 for improved stand-by energy savings. The StreetSENSE fixture is also certified Dark Sky compliant by the International Dark-Sky Association.

About Designlights Consortium

The Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) Designlights™ Consortium (DLC) works to ensure that only high-quality, high-performance, tested and verified LED products will be eligible for rebates from sponsor programs. Sponsored by utilities and energy-efficiency programs throughout the United States, The DLC’s Qualified Products List serves as a resource for program administrators to help them decide which solid state lighting products to include in energy efficiency promotions by reviewing and certifying products submitted by manufacturers against a set of guidelines based on the U.S. Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR program. For more information, visit