Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dialight Unveils New Ultra-Low Profile LED L-864 Red Beacon for Obstruction Applications

Medium Intensity Beacon for Wind Turbines, Towers, Skyscrapers and Bridges Features Smallest Flash Head in the Industry for Reduced Wind Load; Lowest Power Consuming L-864 on the Market with Patented, Precise Optics Virtually Eliminates Ground Scatter/Light Pollution

Farmingdale, NJ (6/23/2010) – Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), an innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, today announced the debut of its latest LED based L-864 Red Medium Intensity Beacon featuring the most compact flash head on the market to significantly reduce wind load on fixed obstructions such as wind turbines, towers, skyscrapers and bridges. Operating at just 20 watts, the new Dialight D464 Series offers the lowest power consumption of any L-864 product on the market to help save energy and reduce operating costs.

At just under 8.5 inches in vertical height, the shock- and vibration-resistant D464 series offers the lowest profile available to reduce the impact of wind sheer on the structure, making it ideal for high-altitude applications and improved performance in inclement weather.

Its state-of-the-art design delivers the most energy-efficient operation with the most precise optics available to minimize ground scatter and virtually eliminate community light pollution. Dialight’s patented LED optics feature the sharpest beam cutoff in the industry for a consistently lower level of scatter—below 0.1 millifootcandles—over the full distance of one mile, while delivering the FAA required 2,000 candelas to passing aircraft. Compared to other LED and incandescent beacons that can scatter more than 0.3 millifootcandles and disturb residential areas, Dialight’s technology virtually eliminates observable light pollution on the ground.

“Our D464 series design offers the most outstanding performance and energy efficiency of any other beacon lighting solution on the market,” said Roy Burton, Dialight’s Group Chief Executive. “This latest generation is a result of Dialight’s commitment to continuous innovation and responsiveness in meeting the needs of the industry with the most advanced lighting products available.”

Designed for easy retrofit from existing incandescent fixtures, the D464 series offers up to 10+ years of life expectancy to significantly reduce maintenance costs and the frequency of risky tower climbs associated with outdated beacon technology.

Backed by Dialight’s exclusive 5-year warranty—the longest in the industry—the D464 series consistently outperforms traditional beacons to guard against unexpected outages that can result in hefty fines and costly unplanned site visits. The sealed unit ensures reliable performance even in harsh environments for wind turbines, power plants and other industrial facilities.

The D464 series can be set to steady burn or outfitted with a 20-40fpm controller for applications where flashing is required.

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LED Based L-864 Red Medium Intensity Beacon Brochure