Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Case Study: Rockline Industries installs Dialight's DuroSite™ LED High Bay Fixtures to Meet Sustainability Goals

Dialight's DuroSite™ LED High Bay Fixture
LED Conversion Reduces Rockline’s Operating and Maintenance Cost, Lowers Energy Consumption to Meet Sustainability Goals

A global, world class manufacturer of premium paper products, Rockline Industries has grown to become a major supplier of private label wet wipes to its Arkansas neighbor, Walmart. As part of its comprehensive sustainability initiative, Rockline has charted an aggressive course to reduce its environmental footprint through more environmentally efficient operations, transparency and integrity.

As part of its program, the company recently replaced its inefficient metal halide fixtures with Dialight’s high-efficiency DuroSite LED High Bay luminaires inside its production facility. Not only has the conversion reduced energy consumption and operating costs, but it has also positioned the company to benefit handsomely from energy-saving rebate incentive—to the tune of nearly $50,000.

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Rockline Case Study from Dialight on Vimeo.