Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dialight Debuts World’s Smallest, Lightest-Weight Dual Red/White LED Beacon

Energy-Saving, Long-Life LEDs Offer 95% Greater Efficiency than Xenon Technology; Up to 10 Years of Reliable Operation Slash Maintenance Costs for Tower Owners

Farmingdale, NJ (July 29, 2010) – Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), an innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, today unveiled its groundbreaking new all-LED L-864/L-865 flashing dual (white/red) strobe beacon featuring the lowest-profile, lightest-weight flash head on the market for reduced wind load and ease of installation on radio and cell towers and chimney stacks.

At just under 8 inches in total vertical height and only 26 pounds—about one-third the height and weight of traditional Xenon units—the new medium-intensity white strobe and red beacon offers 95 percent greater operating efficiency than Xenon and represents a quantum leap in LED obstruction lighting technology. In addition to its ultra-low profile and single-level design, this latest generation of Dialight’s LED industry-leading beacon design leverages Cree XPG and Cree XPE white and red LEDs for the ultimate in energy efficiency and long-life.

“This game-changing product clearly demonstrates just how far LED technology has come, allowing us to deliver the brightest, most energy- efficient lighting technology at a fraction of the size compared to traditional Xenon units,” said Roy Burton, Dialight’s Group Chief Executive. “This unit requires little or no maintenance for up to 10 years of reliable life, virtually eliminating maintenance costs and the associated risks of flash-tube change out.”

The Dual L-864/L-865 LED beacon delivers 20,000 candela (cd) during daylight operation, consuming just 90 watts. For nighttime operation, white or red strings deliver 2,000 cd each at 35 watts and 25 watts respectively, to aptly meet FAA and FCC regulations at a lower total cost of operation.

For operational convenience, the power supply/control box can safely be located up to 550 feet from the light engine, at the base of the tower for example. The unit is compatible with non-Dialight GPS synchronization devices and supports multiple unit synchronization from a single controller.

With its low profile, the shock- and vibration-resistant unit is built to withstand harsh weather elements in all environments with efficient and reliable operation at temperatures ranging from -40°F to +131°F.

Backed by Dialight’s exclusive 5-year warranty—the longest in the industry—the Dual L-864/L-865 LED beacon consistently delivers up to 10 years of continuous operational life to guard against unexpected outages, the associated penalties and exorbitant maintenance costs.