Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dialight Customer Takes Home Industrial Retrofit of the Year Award at LuxLive

London, UK (November 10th, 2011) – Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, is proud to announce another industry award for its DuroSite LED High Bay, this time for LUX magazine’s Industrial Retrofit of the Year. The award was collected by customer Paul Cope, Managing Director of March Foods, at the first annual LUX Live trade show.

The winning installation is a 6,500 sq metre warehouse facility in Cambridgeshire where the 150W Dialight LED High Bays paired with occupancy sensors replaced 84 450W high pressure sodium fittings, resulting in more than 70% energy savings, while reducing the amount of CO2 emissions by 100 tonnes per annum. In addition to the energy savings and environmental benefits, March Foods now enjoys maintenance free lighting and no longer requires regular use of a cherry picker to replace lights.

About March Foods
March Foods is one of the UK’s leading food contract manufacturers and packing businesses, specialising in providing timely and high quality production services. This privately owned UK business operates from its 11,000 m² (120,000 ft2) purpose built premises in Cambridgeshire, offering its brand-owning customers individually tailored production cells, warehousing, laboratory facilities, engineering workshops, offices and an extensive range of blending, filling and packing equipment. The company’s dedicated Continuous Improvement team is focused on examining all lines new or established and looking to see how it can improve every aspect of its operation including process reliability, quality and efficiency aimed at improving service.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dialight Launches New DuroSite® LED Area Light for Industrial Task and Area Lighting

70W Fixture Replaces up to 250W HID for Maximum Energy Savings and Long-Life Durability with High Efficacy of 79 Lumens per Watt

Farmingdale, NJ (November 3rd, 2011) – Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, today unveiled its new DuroSite® LED Area Light, the newest addition to its class-leading line up of LED industrial lighting solutions.

Leveraging the same outstanding energy efficiency and durability as the recently-launched SafeSite® Class I Div 2 certified area light, the DuroSite LED Area Light delivers 79 lumens per Watt to effectively replace up to a 250W HID unit slashing energy consumption by nearly 70 percent.

“Our SafeSite certified product has quickly become a favorite among customers in the chemicals and oil & gas industries for its low power consumption and zero maintenance needs,” said Roy Burton, Dialight Group Chief Executive. “This new UL1598 version offers that same highly efficient and reliable operation for general applications and reinforces Dialight’s position as the leading source for industrial LED lighting solutions.”

Available in either 180-degree forward throw or 360-degree circular optical pattern, the LED Area Light is ideal for interior or exterior general area illumination and task lighting for industrial applications, including production areas, warehouses, loading docks and building exteriors. Flexible mounting options include direct conduit, stanchion and wall mount, as well as a swing bracket wall mount that allows for precise light placement directly where it is needed most.

The DuroSite LED Area Light offers superb visibility with superior color rendering compared to traditional high-pressure sodium and mercury vapor fixtures, offering a CRI greater than 70 in either cool white or neutral white CCT. The unit delivers optimum performance at operating temperatures ranging from -40°F to +149°F with instant on to eliminate the warm-up common with traditional fixtures. A low temperature output also ensures minimal impact on ambient air temperature/HVAC load for interior applications to support overall energy-efficient operations.

The UL1598/A IP66 and NEMA 4X certified fixture features Dialight’s solid-state technology, signature rugged polycarbonate lens and polyester/epoxy powder coated aluminum housing for exceptional durability and shock/vibration resistance. Backed by Dialight’s 5-year full-performance warranty, the fixture can deliver up to a decade of maintenance-free performance.

For more information about Dialight’s DuroSite Series LED Area Light and other industrial lighting solutions, including IES files and technical datasheets, visit Dialight’s products are listed on the U.S. federal government’s GSA Schedule 56 for Buildings and Building Materials/Industrial Services and Supplies under contract number GS-07F-0664X.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dialight DuroSite® LED Low Bay Fixture Certified by DesignLights™ Consortium

Maintenance-Free, Low-Glare Fixture Added to DLC Qualified Products List under Parking Garage Luminaire Category, Now Pre-Qualified for Utility Rebates

Farmingdale, NJ (October 24th, 2011) – Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), an innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, today announced that its DuroSite® LED Low Bay fixture has is now listed on the Designlights™ Consortium’s Solid State Lighting Fixtures Qualified Products List in the Parking Garage Luminaire category. Posting on the DLC list identifies the fixture as eligible for valuable utility rebate programs with participating DLC utility partners and validates the Low Bay’s exceptional energy efficiency and lighting efficacy for use in parking garage applications.

Recently launched, the DuroSite Low Bay features Dialight’s exclusive optics design for precision light placement and reduced glare for superb visibility in low-clearance applications. This high-durability fixture features a low-profile chassis specifically designed for mounting at lower than 25-foot height. Delivering up to 75 lumens per watt, the Dialight Low Bay is among the most energy efficient lighting solution available for low-clearance applications, ensuring at least 50 percent energy savings over typical HID lighting sources. With up to 10 years of reliable performance and maintenance-free operation, upgrading to the Dialight LED Low Bay fixture can help municipal and private parking operators save money on both electricity and maintenance.

In addition to its high-efficiency and low-maintenance performance, the Dialight Low Bay features instant on/off response for improved safety and bottom-line savings by eliminating the need to keep the lights burning continuously to avoid the warm-up period common with conventional fixtures. Dimmable and occupancy sensor versions of the Low Bay are also available to further improve energy efficiency.

The DLC’s Qualified Products List covers SSL luminaires for commercial spaces. It guides program administrators in determining which lighting products meet desired energy efficiency guidelines in categories not addressed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Star program. Fixtures listed on the DLC’s qualified product list may be eligible for state and utility energy efficiency rebate programs that enhance the overall cost savings and deliver a much quicker pay-back—less than two years, in most cases—for upgrading to LED solutions.

For more information about the new Dialight DuroSite LED Low-Bay fixture, including IES files and technical datasheets, visit

About Designlights Consortium

The Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) Designlights™ Consortium (DLC) works to ensure that only high-quality, high-performance, tested and verified LED products will be eligible for rebates from sponsor programs. Sponsored by utilities and energy-efficiency programs throughout the United States, The DLC’s Qualified Products List serves as a resource for program administrators to help them decide which solid state lighting products to include in energy efficiency promotions by reviewing and certifying products submitted by manufacturers against a set of guidelines based on the U.S. Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR program. For more information, visit

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Case Study: Major Brewery Counts on LED Technology to Contribute to its Environmental Protection Initiative

Installation Snapshot
  • Truck driveway (120m long, 12m wide)
  • Mounting height approx. 8 m
  • Number of LED fittings – 16
  • Replaced – 14 400W HID with 150W LED
  • Switch-on by demand (controlled by light sensor)
  • Energy saving: 73% (despite 2 extra fittings)
  • Average W/m² reduced from 4.3 to 1.2 
Environmental protection has always been of prominent importance to the Munich-based, worldwide reknowned Paulaner Brewery Group. Its well-proven environmental management system documents according to DIN ISO 14001 how the eco-balance is being permanently improved and makes the measures visible. Every year objectives and projects to reduce energy and water consumption are defined. Although lighting only contributes a smaller portion to the overall energy consumption of the Paulaner Group, it strives for reducing CO2 emission in that area and increasingly relies on the use of energy efficient LED lighting fixtures.
The current project
The 8 m high and 120 m long covered truck driveway had been equipped with 14 downlight fixtures for 400W HID lamps with an on-time of approximately 2000 hours per year. The department manager for electrical equipment, Harald Zeiller, describes the issue: “We could not switch the fixtures on and off on demand since the metal halide lamps need to cool down for approximately ten minutes before you can turn them on again. And then it takes almost the same amount of time until they have regained their full intensity. Furthermore, the maintenance costs haven’t been insignificant.” They looked for a powerful, energy-saving and low maintenance lighting system that in addition increases the quality of light in the driveway and thereby the safety for pedestrians.

The Dialight LED High Bay as problem solver
Mr. Zeiller opted for the LED High Bay fixtures from Dialight. “Besides the mere technical data and the saving potential I was especially impressed by the five year manufacturer warranty,” he says. “Also important to me were the easy mounting and the special design of the cooling fins which makes it very unlikely that the inevitable deposit of diesel exhaust particulate will significantly compromise the cooling function.”

Impressive energy savings
The LED High Bay fixtures have been combined with a newly installed EIB bus system and are switched on and off in groups controlled by a light sensor. This results in further 30% energy saving, in addition to the already greatly reduced system power consumption of 2.4 kW compared to the former 6.2 kW, which has been realised solely by switching to LED technology. Thus a further contribution to achieving the environmental goals for 2011 has been made.

Increased safety by improved lighting
“The new light is of a completely different quality, it provides better contrast and is more brilliant”, Mr. Zeiller comments. And to increase the safety for the pedestrians walking through the driveway he has even invested in two more fixtures.

Altogether the team at Paulaner is very satisfied with the new LED lighting and also with the cooperation with Dialight. Harald Zeiller: ”From sampling to shipping everything went quickly and hassle-free, and if the quality furthermore holds what Dialight promises, there is by all means an opportunity for further installations.”

About Paulaner
The Paulaner Brewery Group includes the beer trademarks Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr, AuerBräu, Thurn & Taxis und Hopf and has about 800 employees. It is the leading exporter of Bavarian beer specialities to the most important foreign markets (Italy, USA, France, and Spain). In 2010 the Paulaner Brewery Group distributed almost 3 million hectolitres of beer.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Case Study: How LED Lighting Delivered Multiple Benefits for Barcelona Metal Processing Plant

Spanish manufacturing company Martisa is based in Barcelona where it produces metal parts for the automotive industry.

The lighting challenge

With the metal processing machinery pumping so much energy, the 32x400W high pressure sodium (HPS) lights in the 1288 sqm Martisa facility were subject to frequent dimming and flickering, so the management were looking for a more robust lighting solution. The performance instability of the HPS was also generating irregular colour rendition areas varying between 118 and 270 lux at floor level.

Installation snapshot
• 1,288 square metres
• Number of fixtures – 32
• Replaced – 400W HPS
• Illuminance level – 200 lux
• Mounting height – 9 metres
• Energy reduction – 69%
• Installed load cut from 9.9 to 3.7W/sq metre

Further problems arose when the lights took ten minutes to re-strike following power outages. Maintenance was also an issue, as the HPS lights were mounted at a height of 9 metres, ran ten hours a day, five days a week and had to be replaced every 10,000 hours, each at a unit replacement cost of €50 plus the use of a mobile elevation platform that cost €100 per day.

The solution

Martisa’s energy consultant (Area Energetica, a lighting consulting partner of INELEC distributor) recommended a lighting solution by specialist LED lighting manufacturer Dialight that could meet all of these challenges as well as delivering substantial energy savings. In order to minimise project cost they chose to replace the 400W HPS lights on a one-for-one basis with Dialight’s highly robust 150W DuroSite® LED High Bays.

The result

Martisa is now enjoying the immediate benefits of 69% reduction in lighting energy use and reduced carbon emissions from solid-state LED High Bays that suffer no flickering or dimming effect from the amount of energy being pumped by the machinery. The lux level is now steady at 200 at floor level, giving improved and consistent colour rendition, while the LEDs’ instant-on ability means that there is no re-strike delay following power outages. Carrying a 5-year continuous performance warranty and with an expected lifetime of 60,000 hours, the LED lighting has also greatly reduced the maintenance burden and cost.

Mr. Santi Martínez, the manager of Martisa, commented: “Replacing the HPS with Dialight’s LED High Bays has eliminated the annoying flickering issue caused by the energy consumption of the machines and we now have the added benefit of instant on/off switching that allows more efficient lighting management by reducing the re-strike time. Our staff now works with a better sense of comfort due to the removal of the lighting fluctuation and we’re getting overall homogeneous lighting with improved colour rendition across the entire warehouse. The reduction of energy consumption and maintenance fees represent a huge and direct economic saving for the company that also represents significant value.”

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dialight LED Lighting Solutions Help Prison Systems Save Money, Improve Safety and Sustainability

Ultra-Efficient Lighting Systems Dramatically Reduce Energy Consumption and Maintenance Needs with Extremely Durable, Reliable Lighting for All Areas

Farmingdale, NJ (September 19th, 2011) – Safety, security and operational efficiency are the top priorities at correctional institutions across the country, many of which face significant overcrowding and budgetary constraints that make meeting these mandates even more difficult.

High-efficiency LED lighting products by Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, provide an energy- and money-saving solution to help penal institutions of all sizes meet increasingly stringent environmental, economic and energy requirements. Offering significant cost and carbon savings, converting from existing conventional technology to LED could save more than $22.5 million a year in energy and slash CO2 emissions by more than 165,000 tons annually at the federal level alone. In addition, many Dialight products qualify for energy efficiency rebates offered through local utility providers, offering another powerful financial incentive to make the switch to LED that could even offset the cost of installation.

“Both state and federal correctional facilities are under increasing pressure to improve energy efficiency, both for the environmental benefits and the cost savings,” said TJ Struhs, Dialight Government Affairs with Dialight. “Dialight LEDs cut energy consumption by as much as 70 percent compared to conventional lighting and also offer long-life reliability that virtually eliminates maintenance for up to 10 years.”

Exceptional Energy and Maintenance Savings
With extremely low power consumption and low heat output, Dialight’s LED luminaires offer dramatic cost savings in both lighting expenses and reduced HVAC load. A major savings comes as a result of the LEDs’ instant-on capabilities—the units can be equipped with motion sensors to come on only when needed, eliminating the need to keep the lights burning 24/7 (as is common with conventional metal halide and fluorescent units) to avoid the warm-up time that may jeopardize inmate and personnel safety.

Backed by the company’s five-year full-performance warranty, Dialight products typically offer a decade of continuous, worry-free operation. This long-life reliability not only eliminates the cost of frequent bulb changes associated with conventional lighting but also the hassle and safety risk of moving inmates out of the work area to perform maintenance.

Rugged Durability to Withstand Harsh Conditions
With numerous products certified for hazardous locations, including High Bay, Area Light, Wall Pack and Linear fixtures, Dialight’s LED lighting solutions are the safest and the most dependable on the market. Offering superior shock and vibration resistance—including the ability to withstand an explosion inside the fixture—Dialight’s ruggedized fixtures are exceptionally durable and resistant to vandalism.

“Our Class I Div 1 and Div 2 units are engineered to perform in the most extreme conditions on Earth, including oil platforms, fuel refineries and other highly-volatile environments,” Struhs said. “And, we’re one of the only companies to carry products that meet these stringent standards.”

To further improve safety and comfort inside the facility, Dialight’s low-energy fixtures virtually eliminate the EMI/RFI “noise” common with traditional ballast systems to improve radio communication reliability between personnel and reduce interference with inmates’ personal AM/FM.

LEDs Offer 55% ROI, Less than 2-Year Payback at Snake River
At the Snake River Correctional Institution (SRCI) in Snake River, OR , the Oregon Department of Corrections replaced 464, 400-watt metal halide units with Dialight’s 150-watt LED High Bay fixtures in the gym, kitchen, freezer, warehouses, loading dock, interior/exterior common areas, cell blocks and hallways. In just one year, the changeout saved the 3,057-inmate facility $150,000 in energy costs alone and reduced carbon emissions by more than 1,100 tons—the equivalent of taking 201 cars off the road each year.

“The total cost of ownership savings at Snake River is more than half a million dollars—an impressive figure that already has other institutions looking at their own LED options,” Struhs said. “Imagine if those savings could be applied across the 150+ facilities under the federal Bureau of Prisons, not to mention the hundreds of state institutions. The cost reduction alone could be massive and cut carbon emissions that would equate to eliminating tens of thousands of cars from the road each year.”

Solutions to Suit Every Need
Dialight’s broad product line offers a wide range of options to meet virtually any lighting application in minimum-, medium- and maximum-security facilities. Low Bay fixtures are designed to deliver broader light distribution at a mounting height of just 10-20 feet, ideal for low clearance and mezzanine applications. Dialight’s linear fixtures are well-suited for replacing fluorescent lighting in 2- or 4-foot lengths at up to 20-foot mounting height. High Bay and Area Light units offer superb light quality and distribution for interior and exterior applications at mounting heights up to 35 feet.

For more information about Dialight’s industry-leading line of LED-based lighting solutions for correctional applications, visit  Dialight’s products are listed on the U.S. federal government’s GSA Schedule 56, contract number GS-07F-0664X.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dialight SafeSite® LED Area Light Now Class I Div 2 Certified for Hazardous Location Use

T5 Rated Fixture Joins Growing Portfolio of LED Lighting Products for Hazardous Location Applications, Delivers 79 Lumens per Watt to Replace up to 250W HID

Farmingdale, NJ (September 8th, 2011) – Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), an innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, today announced its SafeSite® LED Area Light has achieved Class I Div 2 certification for use in hazardous locations where gas and vapors may be present, including applications in oil and gas, power generation, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, water and sewage.

With a low T5 temperature rating and available in 180 degree forward-throw or 360 degree optics, the new Class I Div 2 Area Light offers a wide range of applications with exceptional energy efficiency. Drawing just 70 watts to deliver 5,500 lumens, the SafeSite Series luminaire is designed to replace up to 250-watt HID light sources with a lighter weight and more compact illumination source. Operating voltage range of 100-277VAC and a wide assortment of mounting options offer flexible installation and easy changeout from existing fixtures.

The solid-state fixture is highly resistant to shock and vibration with a polycarbonate lens and a rugged epoxy polyester finish for superior durability in corrosive environments, long-lasting aesthetics and performance. A CRI greater than 70 delivers exceptional visibility for improved safety in harsh environments, and the certified Area Light is available in both cool white and neutral white CCT options. Backed by Dialight’s five-year, full performance warranty, the new SafeSite Class I Div 2 Area Light offers up to 10 years of worry-free , maintenance-free performance, even at operating temperatures from -40°F to +149°F.

“We are very pleased to offer this latest addition to our hazardous location-certified portfolio that’s now the largest in the industry,” said Roy Burton, Dialight’s Group Chief Executive. “Our fixtures are now installed with every major oil and gas provider in the world, and we intend to continue meeting the industry’s needs with the most advanced, efficient and reliable illumination products on the market.”

In addition to the new Class I Div 2 certification, the SafeSite Series LED Area Light is also available in Class I Div 1 (Groups B, C and D) and Class II Div 1 (Groups E, F and G) classified versions, and the fixture meets the specifications of CSA 22.2 No. 137-M7981 with IP66 and NEMA 4X pending.

For more information about Dialight’s SafeSite Series LED Area Light and other hazardous location classified lighting solutions, including IES files and technical datasheets, visit Dialight's website. Dialight’s products are listed on the U.S. federal government’s GSA Schedule 56, contract number GS-07F-0664X.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dialight SafeSite® LED High Bay Now Certified for Paint Spray Applications

Rugged 10,000 Lumen LED Fixture Offers Maximum Energy Savings, Superb Visibility and Maintenance-Free Performance for Automotive, Aerospace and Other Paint Booth/Storage Applications

Farmingdale, NJ (August 22nd, 2011) – Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the global innovation leader in LED lighting technology, announced today that its SafeSite® LED High Bay luminaire has been qualified to the UL-1254 standard for use in paint spray applications. Dialight’s LED high bay fixture is designed specifically to replace conventional fluorescent and HID lighting in paint spray booths, auto body garages, paint mixing and storage facilities and other similar applications.

The LED High Bay for paint spray applications offers exceptional visibility with a CRI greater than 70 in both neutral white and cool white options. Delivering 10,000 lumens at 150W (66 lumens per watt), the fixture reduces energy consumption of traditional fixtures by 50% or more, with worry-free operation for up to a decade of zero-maintenance performance. The product also offers long-life operation with 80 percent lumen maintenance after 60,000 hours of continuous operation.

“Thanks to Dialight’s industry-leading design innovation, our high bay products continue to make their way into an increasingly wide range of applications,” said Roy Burton, Dialight Group Chief Executive. “In this case, the high bay’s low maintenance and quality of light have become attractive features in this niche market.”

The paint spray-certified SafeSite product is designed for easy retrofit from existing fluorescent fixtures with various mounting accessories available to meet current installation requirements, including pendant mount, swivel bracket and ceiling mount. Its low-profile design minimizes the build-up of dirt and dust that can interfere with paint application.

For more information about the Dialight SafeSite LED High Bay for paint spray applications including IES files and technical datasheets, visit Dialight’s products are listed on the U.S. federal government’s GSA Schedule 56, contract number GS-07F-0664X.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dialight’s Prism® CBI® and Micro LED® SMD LED Set the Standard

Versatile SMD Indicator Series and Surface Mount LED Line Excel in Both Form and Function

Farmingdale, NJ (August 15th, 2011)– Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the global leader in LED lighting technology, continues to set the standard with its innovative Prism® CBI® indicators and Micro LED® SMD LED product line. Offering unique engineering benefits and cost-effective features, these Dialight products deliver maximum flexibility to technology and telecommunications product manufacturers.

Prism products are used in a variety of applications, including storage servers, switches, routers, telecommunications equipment and infrastructure products. Dialight’s Prism indicators are the industry’s only SMD indicator series designed to survive 260°C peak reflow temperature and provide the aesthetic appeal of a diffused lens for enhanced viewing.

Manufacturers who use Prism products save on production costs since the products are compatible with automated pick-and-place equipment and eliminate the necessity of wave soldering processes. Prism® products are RoHS compliant and are available with a 2mA low-current LED.

A unique right angle surface mount solution, Prism CBI indicators package LED with a light pipe and black, low-profile PPA housing, conserving space, enabling mounting on card edges and offering contrast for greater clarity. Prism® also delivers clear, crisp light via a diffused lens for direct view applications.

The Prism Series comes in a range of package sizes as well as single-level, bi-level and tri-level configurations with 2mm and 3mm lenses. The design easily accommodates bi-color and tri-color applications, minimizing light bleed while maximizing transmission.

In addition to the Prism Series, Dialight offers a complete line of discrete LEDs – the Micro LED Surface Mount LED range. These products enable transmission of the full spectrum of colors (including bi-color and tri-color options) and offer a variety of intensities, incorporating innovative AllnGaP and InGaN technology.

With ChipLED packaging, PLCC and right-angle and reverse-mount configurations, the Dialight Micro LED Surface Mount LED product line delivers mounting options as well as flexible viewing angles and lens features.

Micro LED products are compatible with Optopipe® series light pipes as well as Surface mount Reflow processes to Jedec Standards. Package sizes include 0603, 0606, 0805, 1206, 1208, 1210 and1616. RoHS compliant, Micro LED products are available in 2mA low current versions. They eliminate the need for mixed technology PC board processing, thus providing a cost-effective solution to manufacturers.

With ease of placement, unique features and fewer manufacturing process requirements, Prism CBI indicators and the Micro LED product line can help technology and telecommunications equipment manufacturers reduce costs while delivering quality products. For more information, please view our Surface Mount LED selector guide.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dialight Vigilant™ Series High Intensity L-856 LED Strobe Achieves FAA Certification

World’s First LED-based High-Intensity System to be Installed on 1,200-foot Tower in North Carolina; Long-Life LEDS Dramatically Reduce Maintenance Cost, Risk of Fines and Energy Consumption

Farmingdale, NJ (August 9th, 2011) – Marking a major milestone in LED obstruction lighting, Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, announced today that its new Vigilant™ Series L-856 High Intensity Strobe has been certified by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for use on towers, smokestacks and chimneys in excess of 500 feet tall. The Dialight product is the first of its kind to achieve FAA certification and Dialight is now the first ever to offer a complete line of all LED-based FAA-certified aircraft obstruction lighting.

As the first installation of a FAA certified, all LED high-intensity strobe system in the world, the Vigilant Series L-856 will be installed on a 1,200 foot C-4 communications tower operated by a public television network. The change out from Xenon technology will be performed through Slatercom-WCD, Dialight’s distribution partner based in Salem, Ore.

According to the Federal Communications Commission, some 27 fines were imposed on operators between January 2008 and August 2010 for failed lighting, improper monitoring of lighting and/or improperly painted communications towers alone, totaling nearly $300,000 in fines. In addition, the cost to repaint A-style towers can top $20,000 every 3-5 years.

Designed to replace traditional Xenon technology, the Dialight L-856 offers a dramatic maintenance savings over existing systems, with at least 10 years of worry-free operation. Backed by Dialight’s 5-year full-performance warranty, the Vigilant Series L-856 eliminates the need for frequent bulb changes, tower painting and the risk of hefty FAA fines for failed lighting common with other systems.

“This product superbly leverages Dialight’s industry-leading LED technology to solve a vexing problem for tower and smokestack operators across the country who must contend with exceptionally high costs and safety risks in maintaining their obstruction systems,” said Roy Burton, Dialight’s Group Chief Executive. “It debuted to rave reviews at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas this spring with operators there touting its exceptional reliability, vibration resistance and low RFI interference, in addition to the tremendous maintenance savings.”

The L-856 High Intensity system leverages the same renowned patented reflector-based optics design found in the Dialight L-864 and L-865 medium-intensity system, which boasts the largest installed base of LED obstruction lighting in the country. With superior optics, the Dialight systems reduce unnecessary light pollution and ground scatter while still meeting the FAA’s stringent light intensity requirements. The product also meets ICAO requirements for Europe.

Ruggedized for harsh conditions, the L-856 High Intensity Beacon is designed for operation in ambient temperature range of -40C to +55C and is highly resistant to lightning, vibration and shock.

The Dialight system is also compatible with third-party synchronization/controller systems, including interfacing with medium-intensity antenna obstruction lighting for communication towers.

For more information about Dialight’s growing line of FAA-certified obstruction lighting, visit

Vigilant™ Series LED Based L-856 High Intensity (White) Strobe
Vigilant™ Series FAA Certified LED Obstruction Lights

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dialight Introduces New 14,000 Lumen DuroSite® LED High Bay

Most Efficient LED High Bay on the Market Delivers 93 Lumens Per Watt; Award-Winning Design Leads the Industry with Largest Installed Base in Industrial Applications

Farmingdale, NJ (August 2nd, 2011) – Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the global innovation leader in LED lighting technology, today announced the launch of its new 14,000 lumen LED DuroSite® High Bay fixture. Delivering 93 lumens per watt, the new DuroSite fixture is the most efficient high bay luminaire on the market.

This latest addition to its award-winning DuroSite LED High Bay product line, Dialight’s innovative new design offers nearly 20 percent more light output with no increase in power consumption: the High Bay still consumes just 150 watts for maximum efficiency and minimal heat output. The new 14,000 lumen product also offers exceptionally long life, up to a full decade of worry-free, maintenance-free operation backed by the company’s five-year full performance warranty.

Featuring Dialight’s unique anti-reflective coated Crystal View AR lens, the new DuroSite High Bay offers superb optics and durability, exceeding the IEC 61215 protocol, successfully enduring more than one year of damp heat exposure (85°C at 85% relative humidity), 60 cycles of humidity/freeze testing and 17 weeks in ASTM 8-117 salt fog testing with negligible impact on light transmittance.

The unit is IP66 certified, UL1598A listed and IDA Dark Sky compliant for use in outdoor and marine locations, in addition to indoor use for warehouses, manufacturing facilities and cold storage applications. The Dialight High Bay also comes in at just one-fourth the height of conventional HID fixtures for a lower installation profile that reduces dust and dirt accumulation and interference with air circulation or other structures.

Our High Bay products have already proven to be the most efficient industrial lighting solution in a wide range of applications, with many of our customers realizing a payback period of less than two years,” said Roy Burton, Dialight’s Group Chief Executive. “Now with even greater light output at the same low wattage, companies that are considering LEDs have yet another incentive to make the switch to LED and take advantage of the outstanding rebates now available in every state.”

With more than 30,000 units installed in under two years, including many at the Fortune 100 level, Dialight’s DuroSite High Bay boasts the largest installed base of LED high bay fixtures in the industry for industrial applications. The product line has also garnered industry praise for its superb energy efficiency and savings, earning both a Platinum award for Best Retrofit and a Gold award in the in the High Bay category in the 2011 Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards, and it was recently named a Top Money-Saving Product for 2011 in the Lighting category by BUILDINGS Magazine.

In addition to the new 14,000 lumen DuroSite product, Dialight also offers its SafeSite High Bay for hazardous location use, the first fixture of its kind to be certified for Class I Div 1 and Div 2, Class II Div 1 and Div 2, and Class III Div 1 and Div 2 applications. Other versions of Dialight’s award winning LED high bays include narrow aisle optics, neutral white and cool white color temperatures, occupancy sensors and dimmable options.

For more information on these products and more, which are now listed on the U.S. federal government’s GSA Schedule 56 for Buildings and Building Materials/Industrial Services and Supplies under contract number GS-07F-0664X, visit Dialight's Website

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dialight Achieves General Services Administration (GSA) Certification

Listing on GSA Schedules Enables Federal Agencies to Buy Dialight’s US-Manufactured Energy-Saving LED Fixtures

Farmingdale, NJ (July 27th, 2011)—To better serve the needs of its federal customers, Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, today announced it has been awarded a Federal Supply Schedule contract from the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). The certification streamlines the procurement process for federal government agencies to purchase Dialight’s industry-leading LED lighting fixtures for industrial lighting and streetlight applications.

Dialight’s listing on the GSA Schedules affords fast, cost-effective procurement services for federal buyers with long-term, government-wide contracts that streamline the acquisition process through pre-negotiated “most favored” pricing.

Initially, Dialight’s industry leading indoor and outdoor LED lighting fixtures will be listed on Schedule 56: Buildings and Building Materials/Industrial Services and Supplies, which includes energy-saving supplies and related services. Dialight’s contract number is GS-07F-0664X, effective 1 August 2011

“The federal government has made energy efficiency and environmental concerns a priority across all its operational areas,” said Roy Burton, group chief executive at Dialight. “This certification allows the multitude of federal agencies to more easily take advantage of Dialight’s advanced LED lighting technology at the best possible price to reduce energy consumption and costs, and minimize maintenance demands and expenses in a wide range of facilities and infrastructure applications.”

Monday, July 25, 2011

Historic Missouri City Takes Progressive Approach to Lighting with Dialight’s StreetSense™ Series LED Street Lights

Home to the world’s only inland cape, Cape Girardeau, Missouri has played a significant role in the discovery and settlement of the American west. Founded more than 200 years ago along the Mississippi River, the city has evolved from a tiny trading post to a thriving culturally-rich community of 37,000 residents.

Recently, city officials in “the Cape” embarked on an upgrade to its municipal lighting, replacing 104 high-pressure sodium street lights with Dialight’s new StreetSense™ LED street lights. The result is not only improved visibility for motorists in the high-traffic area but also significant reduction in the maintenance needs and energy costs, all funded by the Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant (EECBG).

The Missouri Highway 74 corridor through downtown Cape Girardeau is one of the busiest thoroughfares in the city, leading up to the Emerson Memorial Bridge across the mighty Mississippi and connecting the Cape with Illinois. Along this stretch of road, as well as North Kingshighway, more than a hundred 250W high-pressure sodium street lights kept maintenance crews perpetually busy with frequent bulb changes.

“Each is equipped with a photocell, which means we’d have to send a crew out to scout for burn-outs each night, an overtime expense that we’d prefer to avoid,” said Geoff Dial, Special Projects Coordinator in the Public Works Department in Cape Girardeau. “The ballasts were getting to be around five to seven years old, and lately it seemed as though the lights were going out more frequently than ever before. Almost every day we had one burn out, despite our efforts to keep up with the changes.”

As part of an overall plan to achieve more sustainable operations, officials in Cape secured a $190,000 grant to make energy-efficiency improvements to city-owned facilities. Part of the funding received through the EECBG was designated to replace 104 streetlights with new high-efficiency, low-maintenance LED street lights that would save the city money and free up precious resources to attend to other, more pressing issues besides changing light bulbs.

Having already replaced traffic signals in 21 intersections and rail signals in one railroad crossing with Dialight’s LED signals, the city looked to the leading innovator in LED technology to once again meet its needs. The EECBG grant mandated that all equipment purchased must comply with the Buy American requirement of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act. Not only did the Dialight StreetSense fixtures meet Cape Girardeau’s technological and performance needs, but they are also made entirely at its Roxboro, NC manufacturing facility, satisfying the Buy American requirement.

Working with Brown Traffic, a Dialight authorized distributor in Davenport, IA, the city has now replaced 104 of its 250W HPS lights with the much more efficient 120W Dialight LED units along Highway 74 and North Kingshighway. With an output of 9,000 lumens (73 lm/w) and a CRI of 72 with 6000k cool white light, the new StreetSense LED lights provide outstanding illumination with a light that is easier on the eyes for motorists.

“The changeout to the Dialight units was extremely fast and easy for our crews,” Dial said. “I personally witnessed them replace one in less than 10 minutes from the time they stepped into the bucket truck to getting back onto the ground. Because I know these new lights will last for at least 15 years, I’m looking forward to not having to touch these LED fixtures for a long time.”

In addition to the maintenance savings, Dial estimates that the new LED units will slash the city’s energy consumption by nearly 70,000 KWH, from about 160,000 KWH to just 89,000 KWH, which will help offset future increases in energy costs, a factor that the city council in Cape Girardeau has found very enticing. The first 104 units installed represent about one-fourth of the street lighting under the city’s charge, and Dial says he frequently fields calls from residents who complain about burned out lights in other areas.

With a new casino planned for the north end of town, Dial says the new lighting also offers a much more welcoming environment for the anticipated influx of tourists expected in Cape.

“We are continually reviewing ways to conserve energy and resources throughout the city,” Dial said. “The Dialight LED street lights offered us the energy savings and long life we require to ensure a safer and more hospitable environment for residents and visitors.”

Installation Snapshot
• Number of fixtures – 104
• Replaced – 250W HPS with 120W LED Street Lights
• Annual energy reduction – 70,000kwh
• Rebate incentive – EECBG (part of $190,000 energy efficiency rebate)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dialight L-864 LED Red Beacon Certified for Class I, Div 2 Hazardous Location Use

Most Compact, Energy Efficient Medium Intensity Red Beacon in the Industry Now Approved for Obstruction Lighting in Explosive Environments

Farmingdale, NJ (July 13th, 2011) – Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), an innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, announced today that its fourth-generation LED-based L-864 Red Medium Intensity Beacon has been certified for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations, making it ideal for application in the oil and gas, petro-chemical and other potentially explosive environments.

Featuring the lowest-profile and lightest-weight flash head in the industry—at just under 9 inches high and weighing only 20 pounds—the Class I, Div 2 L-864 Red Beacon offers significantly less wind load and is highly resistant to shock and vibration compared to traditional Xenon and incandescent units for lighting chimney stacks, cooling towers or wind turbines in hazardous locations.

Operating at just 20 watts, the L-864 is more than 90 percent more efficient than incandescent technology and offers extremely low RF interference. The product lasts at least 10 years for reliable, worry-free operation that significantly reduces the risk and expense of tower climbs, maintenance costs and unplanned site visits. Featuring Dialight’s state-of-the-art, patented precision optics technology, the L-864 is a community-friendly obstruction lighting option with minimal light ground scatter. The unit may be set for steady burn or equipped with an optional controller for flash performance, as required.

Designed for outstanding performance in harsh environments, the Class I Div 2 L-864 beacon features a ruggedized metal base and high-impact polycarbonate lens with specialized coating for superior chemical, UV and scratch resistance. Each unit is factory sealed for an IP66 water ingress protection.

Backed by Dialight’s exclusive 5-year full performance warranty—the longest in the industry—the Class I Div 2 L-864 Red Medium Intensity Beacon is designed for quick and easy change out from incandescent units using existing wiring.

For more information about Dialight’s newly certified Class I, Div 2 L-864 Red Beacon for obstruction lighting in hazardous locations, visit Dialight's Website or contact Dialight at

Dialight's Class I Div 2 LED Signals

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dialight Debuts Compact, High-Output Class I & Class II, Div 1 LED Area Light for Hazardous Locations

SafeSite® Series LED Area Light Boasts T5 Rating, Provides 5,500 Lumens at 70W

Farmingdale, NJ (June 28th, 2011) – Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, today unveiled its new SafeSite® Series LED Area Light, the industry’s most compact, high-output Class I and Class II, Div 1 certified LED Area Light. Approved for use in Class I, Div 1 Groups B, C D and Class II, Div 1 Groups E, F and G hazardous locations, the SafeSite® Area Light is the latest addition to Dialight’s industry-leading family of LED illumination products for hazardous locations.

Designed to replace up to 150-watt HID fixtures, the new SafeSite Area Light offers exceptional energy efficiency and dramatically reduces maintenance costs compared to conventional lighting over the life of the fixture. Consuming less than half the electricity of 150-watt HID units, Dialight’s 70-watt SafeSite Series delivers an impressive efficacy of 79 lumens per watt.

Available in both cool white and neutral white models, the SafeSite’s crisp, clear light provides exceptional visibility and improved safety for oil and gas terminals, refineries, pipelines and exploration sites; power generation, waste water treatment and other utilities; surface mining operations and chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. The LED area light ensures safe operation in a wide range of volatile environments with a T5 rating for ambient temperatures of -40°F to +113°F (-40°C to +45°C) and a T4a rating for ambient temperatures of -40°F to +149°F (-40°C to +65°C)

“Dialight’s SafeSite Series LED lighting fixtures are already saving energy and reducing maintenance costs at facilities around the world, proving to be a much more economical and greener alternative to traditional HID lighting with installations covering 10 of the Fortune 100,” said Roy Burton, Dialight’s Group Chief Executive. “This new addition to our growing line up of Hazloc lighting fixtures truly takes it to the next level with even greater energy efficiency compared to other products on the market, and the fixture itself is five pounds lighter, making for easier installation.”

In addition to consuming fewer watts, the SafeSite unit’s instant-on capability further cuts energy consumption by eliminating the need to keep high-wattage traditional fixtures on 24/7 to avoid the time-consuming warm up. Dialight’s patent-pending reflector-based optics design enhances lighting efficiency by directing the light specifically where it’s needed in a 180° pattern, reducing light spill and pollution.

Backed by Dialight’s industry-leading 5-year peace of mind warranty, the SafeSite Area Light provides years of worry-free operation with zero bulb change outs, even in the toughest conditions, to virtually eliminate maintenance costs. The Dialight design is shock and vibration resistant and each unit comes standard with a rugged polyester/epoxy powder-coated finish for superior, corrosion-resistant durability.

The SafeSite LED Area Light also offers ease of installation, utilizing existing wiring and mounting structures. Flexible mounting options include adjustable wall mounts, stanchion mounts and direct conduit mounts.

In addition to its Class I and Class II, Div 1 certification, the SafeSite Area Light also meets the CSA 22.2. Class I Div 2 and UL1598A marine listed models will be available soon.

For more information about the new Dialight SafeSite Series LED Area Light, including IES files and technical datasheets, visit Dialight's Website.

SafeSite LED Area Light - Class I & Class II, Div 1 Version

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dialight DuroSite™ LED High Bay Named Top Money-Saving Product by BUILDINGS Magazine

150W Fixture Recognized for its High-Efficiency and Long Life Operation for Superior Cost Savings

FARMINGDALE, N.J. (June 21st, 2011) - Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), an innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, today announced its DuroSite™ LED High Bay fixture has been named a Top Money-Saving Product for 2011 in the Lighting category by BUILDINGS Magazine and will be included as part of a special feature in the magazine’s June 2011 issue.

Designed for use in both conventional industrial and commercial applications, the Dialight LED High Bay fixture consumes just 150W to replace traditional 400W HID fixtures for a significant energy savings. In addition to operating more than 60 percent more efficiently than typical HID units, the DuroSite product is backed by Dialight’s 5-year peace of mind warranty for guaranteed continuous operation. This long-life reliability saves money by eliminating the need for frequent and costly bulb changes often required for traditional technology. Equipped with Dialight’s patent-pending reflector-based optical design, the High Bay luminaire also makes more efficient use of its 79 lumens per watt with improved directional lighting capabilities to more accurately deliver light exactly where it’s needed, rather than wasting the light upward.

Tens of thousands of Dialight DuroSite LED High Bay units have been installed in various industrial facilities around the country, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy and maintenance costs, as well as improving visibility and safety in warehouses and manufacturing facilities, food processing and cold storage applications. The High Bay product is also available as in SafeSite® Hazardous Location certified models for use in Class I Div 1 and 2, Class II Div 1 and 2 and Class III Div 1 and 2 environments in the oil and gas/petrochemical industry, power generation facilities and offshore and mining operations.

“Our customers have come to expect nothing less than truly exceptional performance from our products, and we are very proud that our High Bay product continues to earn industry accolades for its efficient operation and outstanding design,” said Roy Burton, Dialight’s Group Chief Executive. “We are honored to be named a Top Pick among this impressive group of candidates.”

Finalists for the BUILDINGS Top Money-Saving Products were chosen based on the money-saving qualities offered to building owners and facility managers in areas such as energy consumption, water savings, lighting, productivity, maintenance and more. After reviewing over 125 submissions, the magazine’s editorial staff selected an elite group of 67 products.

“Dialight’s DuroSite High Bay was chosen as a top Money-Saving Product because it provides an economical solution that offers significant cost savings to building management,” says Chris Olson, chief content director, BUILDINGS.

For more information about the Dialight DuroSite High Bay for commercial applications, or the SafeSite High Bay for use in classified hazardous location environments, visit Dialight's Website.

BUILDINGS is a publication that serves over 73,450 building owners and professional facilities managers in North America. The monthly publication helps readers make smarter decisions relevant to the management, modernization, and operation of their facilities. BUILDINGS website

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dialight expands into Japan

Newmarket, UK (14 June 2011) – Dialight plc (‘Dialight’), the innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, is pleased to announce the formation of Dialight Japan KK as a further step in the company’s global thrust into the industrial and hazardous LED lighting market.

Dialight Japan KK has today signed agreements to acquire the assets and contracts of its Japanese distributor, I-Spec Ltd for an upfront consideration of £0.2m and a 25% stake in Dialight Japan KK. All employees of I-Spec will transfer to Dialight Japan KK with additional consideration due to the shareholder employees over the next five years based on the future profitability of the new company. The transaction is expected to complete on the transference of contracts at the end of June.

Dialight Japan KK is based in Hamamatsu in the industrial heartland of central Japan. The industrial and hazardous lighting segment is highly regulated and there are in excess of 50,000 industrial facilities in Japan making this one of the world’s largest industrial / hazardous lighting markets.

Roy Burton, Group Chief Executive of Dialight said: “The formation of Dialight Japan KK will enable us to access new and demanding markets known for their stringent requirements and for which our high specification LED lighting and controlled manufacturing methods will be well suited. This expansion marks a significant step in our overall growth strategy.”

i-Spec's Managing Director, Mr Yoshinori Sugiura, will continue in the same role for the new company and commented: "As the world's third largest economy and third largest oil refiner in the world, and with ambitious CO2 reduction targets, Japan represents a large and highly discerning market for Dialight's proven energy efficient technology.”

To find out more about Dialight Japan KK visit:


For further information:

Dialight plc Tel: +44 (0) 1638 778640
Roy Burton - Group Chief Executive
Mark Fryer- Group Finance Director

Canaccord Genuity Limited Tel: +44 (0) 20 7050 6500
Simon Bridges -

Kreab Gavin Anderson Tel: +44 (0) 20 7074 1800,
Robert Speed-


About Dialight

Dialight plc is leading the lighting revolution for industrial users across the world. Applying leading edge LED technology it produces retro-fittable lighting fixtures designed specifically for hazardous locations, obstruction lighting, traffic and rail signalling to vastly reduce maintenance, save energy, improve safety and ease disposal. Versions of these high specification luminaires are also produced for more general commercial, industrial and outdoor situations.

Dialight comprises the following business segments:

· Signals/Illumination which addresses the increasing demands for Energy Efficient Lighting solutions through the use of high brightness LEDs and utilisation of a number of associated technologies. Areas of business include Traffic and Rail Signals, Obstruction Lights and Solid State Lighting products.

· Indication components whose sales are primarily to Electronics OEMs for status indication; and

· Electromagnetic components which supplies smart meter disconnect switches which are used by utility companies to manage remotely electrical supply to residential and business premises.

The company is headquartered in the UK and listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE:DIA.L,GB0033057794) with operating locations in the UK, Australia, USA, Denmark, Germany and Mexico. More information is available at Dialight's website.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dialight DuroSite™ LED High Bay Earns Gold and Platinum in 2011 Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards

Awards to be Distributed Tuesday May 17th, at Lightfair International

FARMINGDALE, N.J. & PHILADELPHIA, PA (May 16th, 2011) - Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), an innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, today announced its DuroSite™ LED High Bay fixture has earned both a Platinum and Gold Award in the 2011 Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards (PIA). Sponsored by Architectural SSL magazine, the awards recognize industry champions of LED technology by honoring products and manufacturers that display innovative approaches to solid state lighting across a wide range of functions and applications. Dialight’s DuroSite product earned Gold honors in the High Bay category and won the Platinum Best Retrofit Award. A brief news conference announcing the program winners will be conducted at Lightfair International on Tuesday, May 17th at 1:30pm in Room 300 of the Philadelphia Convention Center.

Designed for use in industrial applications and also available in the SafeSite™ Hazardous Location certified models for use in Class I Div 1 and 2, Class II Div 1 and 2 and Class III Div 1 and 2 environments, the Dialight LED High Bay fixture operates at just 150W to replace up to 400W HID fixtures for a significant energy savings. At 77 lumens per watt and a CRI rating of 74, Dialight’s High Bay delivers superior quality of light for improved visibility and safety in any environment. Equipped with Dialight’s patent-pending reflector-based optical design, the High Bay luminaire enables improved directional lighting capabilities to more accurately deliver light exactly where it’s needed, rather than wasting the light upward.

“Our High Bay product has proven itself time and again to be an extremely efficient and reliable alternative to conventional lighting,” said Roy Burton, Dialight’s Group Chief Executive. “Our customers not only report a superior quality of light and lower energy costs but also a significant reduction in their maintenance costs as a result of this unit’s decade-long performance. We’re extremely honored to have received this recognition from such a highly regarded organization as Architectural SSL and through such a rigorous selection process.”

Thousands of Dialight DuroSite LED High Bay units have been installed in various industrial facilities around the country, including warehouses and manufacturing facilities, food processing and cold storage applications, as well as classified hazardous location environments in the oil and gas/petrochemical industry, power generation facilities and offshore and mining operations.

For example, at Rockline Industries, a major supplier of private label wet wipes to Walmart, the 150W DuroSite units replaced 400W metal halides, saving significant amounts of energy and cost, as well as helping to eliminate load on the company’s HVAC system by virtue of the DuroSite’s much cooler operating temperature. At the G.S. Dunn dry mustard quality control and inspection facility, the Dialight DuroSite High Bays have dramatically enhanced visibility to improve quality control standards while significantly reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

The fourth annual PIA awards recognized leaders in nearly 20 different categories spanning interior and exterior and component systems. A panel of 15 expert judges, all veterans in the commercial lighting application and design industry, made the selections based on criteria that included technical merit and special attributes of each product.

For more information about the Dialight DuroSite High Bay for commercial applications, or the SafeSite High Bay for use in classified hazardous location environments, visit Dialight.

About the Product Innovation Awards
The Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards (PIA) determine and honor the best LED/solid-state luminaires and fixtures on the market, while also recognizing the companies behind the components that make up these light sources. The PIA program also recognizes leaders in categories ranging from those conducting cutting-edge R+D, to those helping in the development of standards as well as those pushing to make solid-state lighting a truly sustainable technology. Construction Business Media, headquartered in Chicago, IL is publisher of Architectural Products, Illuminate and Architectural SSL magazines. The company also operates the ArchLED Conference, markets and partners in educational platform, and maintains websites and electronic extensions of its print publications.

Dialight DuroSite LED High Bay Products
Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dialight Celebrates Summer Tradition with Corporate Wiffle Ball League

Paying homage to a local summer sports tradition, employees at local LED lighting company Dialight have kicked off the summer with a co-ed inter-office wiffle ball league, complete with full stats, major-league-style trading, official rule book and an elaborate summer-long schedule that includes a Home Run Derby Week during the Fourth of July.

Games are played behind Dialight’s Farmingdale corporate offices every Friday at lunchtime. Typical of the technical prowess of the Dialight staff, organizers even used aerial satellite imagery of the office grounds to delineate foul, single hit and homerun territory.

Thirty-six employees are participating, including an executive management team, The Chiefs, that so far shares the lead at 2-0 with the Light Rays. The Wiffle-Brawlers are 1-1, while the Wiffle of Doom and Whiff This!!! have yet to post in the win column.

“Wiffle ball is a Jersey Shore tradition and I’ve been playing since I was four,” said Dialight’s Director of Marketing Michael Schratz. “The league has been a great way for us to blow off steam and have fun, but it’s been a great team-building exercise, too.”

The league has definitely sparked some inter-office competition, and even a little good-natured teasing between colleagues for their performance—or lack thereof—on the field. But, the players insist that it’s all in good fun.

“The games have become the talk of the office, and a great morale booster for everyone in the company,” said Dialight product manager Anthony Russo who helped to organize the league.

“We’ve even managed to convince the management to get on board, which makes things a little interesting. It makes you wonder if they’ll remember that you struck them out when it comes time for your performance review,” Russo quipped.

Regular season play in the Dialight league continues through August 12 with playoffs throughout the fall winding down to a 3-game final round that ends October 14.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dialight Expands SAE/DOT Vehicle Lighting Portfolio with New 4”x6” LED Low Beam Headlamp

Made in the USA Exact-fit Replacement for Conventional Low-Beam Units Uses 70% Less Energy than Incandescents and Competing LED Products

FARMINGDALE, N.J. (May 11th, 2011) - Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), an innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, today announced the addition of the new LED Low Beam 4”x6” Headlamp to its growing line of SAE/DOT approved LED lighting products for mass transit busses and commercial vehicles. Operating at less than 14 watts, the Dialight Low Beam Headlamp uses more than 70% less energy than conventional halogen headlamps and one-third the energy of the leading LED competitor in its class. This exceptional energy efficiency helps to reduce stress on the vehicles’ electrical system and potentially improve fuel economy.

Leveraging Dialight’s proprietary thermal design, the Dialight Low Beam Headlamp requires no cooling fans or other moving parts to manage heat, eliminating the failure points commonly found in other LED products. The combination of exceptional energy efficiency and innovative thermal management makes the long-life Dialight LED 4”x6” Low Beam the most reliable product of its kind for this application.

Where typical conventional headlamps require replacement about once every nine months, the Dialight unit offers a life expectancy of more than 10 full years, seven of those backed by Dialight’s full-replacement peace of mind warranty. This saves mass transit bus operators significant maintenance time and cost over the life of the product.

“This product is the latest edition in our family of highly efficient forward lighting that incorporates Dialight’s exclusive reflector-based optics design to enhance visibility in adverse weather conditions and reduce glare for oncoming traffic,” said Roy Burton, Dialight’s Group Chief Executive. “Based on the data we’ve seen, this new 4”x6” headlamp is far superior to anything else on the market with regard to energy efficiency and maintenance savings.”

Made in the USA at Dialight’s Roxboro, NC facility, the new 4”x6” headlamp meets the Buy America requirements and is SAE/DOT FMVSS108 compliant. Its rugged aluminum alloy die cast housing and hard-coated polycarbonate lens make the weather-proof unit impact resistant to hold up to the wear and tear of transit use. The plug-and-play unit is a perfect match in fit and function to existing incandescent headlamps and features universal 12V and 24V dual-voltage operation.

Dialight representatives will officially unveil the new product with a display unit at the 2011 Bus & Paratransit Conference, sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association, May 22-25 at the Marriott Memphis Downtown in Memphis, Tenn.

For more information about the 4”x6” Low Beam Headlamp or Dialight’s exclusive SAE J1455 Certified 90mm Headlamp, visit Booth #310 at the conference, or visit

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dialight’s DuroSite™ LED Visual Signal Lights Enhance Safety, Energy Efficiency on College, University Campuses

Long Life, Durability of LED Technology Makes LED Visual Signal Lights Ideal for Indicating Emergency Call Boxes and Telephones

Farmingdale, NJ (May 10th, 2011) – The safety of students, staff and faculty is a primary concern on college and university campuses across the country. In times of danger or distress, quick access to emergency call boxes and telephones can save a life when mere seconds count.

To help campus safety operations ensure a more secure environment for everyone on campus, DuroSite™ Series LED Visual Signal Lights by Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, provide an ideal solution for reliable indicator lighting for both indoor and outdoor call boxes and emergency telephone locations, or for safety showers or eye wash stations in laboratory environments.

The most compact, durable signal lights on the market, Dialight’s LED visual indicators deliver at least five years of continuous, worry-free operation with a durable polycarbonate lens that is virtually vandal-proof. This combination of durability and long-life reliability significantly reduces the maintenance time and cost required of traditional signal lighting and virtually eliminates the risk of a light burning out—a serious problem that can prevent an individual in danger from getting the help they need in an emergency.

Dialight’s low-power LED visual signals are up to 90 percent more energy efficient than traditional incandescent technology, consuming just 8 watts of power per unit, compared to 20-100 watts for a typical CFL or incandescent bulb. The energy-efficient design enables colleges and other campus-based organizations to save money on electricity and meet sustainability goals for “greener” operations.

“These highly durable signal units are already proving themselves at one of the most highly-respected Ivy League universities in the country,” said Roy Burton, Dialight’s Group Chief Executive. “With Dialight’s exclusive optics design, these signals are highly visible in virtually any environment for peace of mind and security both indoors and out.”

The compact, jelly-jar style fixtures are designed for easy change out from current conventional fixtures, using all the existing wiring and mounting hardware already in place. For maximum versatility and visibility, the Dialight Visual Signals can be pendant-mounted with or without a junction box, ceiling-mounted, or wall-mounted flush or on a junction box with an optional wall mounting kit.

Unlike CFLs, which are plagued by slow startup and cold temperatures, the Dialight LED Visual Signals feature instant on/off response and can be used in conjunction with a new or existing timer or photocell for dusk-to-dawn operation and added energy efficiency.

The Dialight LED Visual Signals are available in red, green, white, yellow and blue—the most common color for campus safety applications. The fixtures are also available in FAA-qualified versions for compliant obstruction lighting; the white model is certified for use in Class I Div 2 hazardous locations.

For more information about converting existing incandescent campus safety lighting to Dialight’s highly efficient, durable LED Visual Signal Lighting, visit or contact Dialight at

Dialight LED Visual Signal Lights