Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dialight Launches New Night Vision Compatible Vigilant™ Series L-810 LED Obstruction Light

Dual Red/IR LED Unit Provides Visibility with NVGs and ANVIS in a Single Unit for New Installations or as an Easy Retrofit for Existing Fixtures

FARMINGDALE, N.J. (February 23, 2011) -- Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the leading innovator of LED lighting systems and technologies, today unveiled its new Vigilant™ Series L-810 RTO Infrared Series Dual Red/Infrared LED L-810 Obstruction Light, the first and only L-810 product on the market featuring red and IR LEDs in a single unit.

The Vigilant IR Series leverages Dialight’s superior optics technology to ensure visibility around military bases, airfield perimeters, buildings, towers and other obstructions for aircraft pilots, both during normal flight or when aided by night vision systems, while minimizing light pollution into surrounding neighborhoods.

Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) and Aviator's Night Vision Imaging System (ANVIS) often employ Class A, B, and C filters to block cockpit lighting from saturating the imaging system. It is possible that these filters can sometimes reduce the LED sources that emit light in the visible spectrum. The Vigilant Series overcomes this obstacle by combining visible red LEDs and IR LEDs in a single unit.

“This new IR unit features Dialight’s patent-pending optical, electrical and mechanical design to uniquely incorporate red and IR LEDs in a single unit that offers a much lower profile and lighter weight than any competing product,” said Roy Burton, Dialight’s Group Chief Executive.

Available in a single or dual fixture for new or retrofit applications, the Vigilant Infrared L-810 Obstruction Light features a self-contained wiring compartment and is ideally suited for changeout from existing incandescent systems using the same wiring and housing. Highly shock and vibration resistant, the product is designed to operate flawlessly under some of the toughest conditions at temperatures ranging from -40°F to 131°F.

Consuming just 5.6 watts per unit, the Vigilant RTO is significantly more efficient than other dual-head red/IR units and uses 95 percent less energy than traditional incandescent systems. The system has a peak IR spectral intensity at 860 nanometers, and may be operated in steady-on or flashing mode.

“This innovative RTO product is further evidence of Dialight’s unique ability to quickly respond to market demand and deliver a product that not only solves a formidable challenge, but does so efficiently and cost-effectively,” Burton said.

To see a demonstration of the new Vigilant L-810 LED Infrared LED Obstruction Light, stop by the Dialight Booth #9088 during the IWCE 2011 event March 9-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. For more information about this product or the full line of Dialight’s Vigilant Series LED obstruction lighting products, visit

Monday, February 21, 2011

New appointments at Dialight with special focus on Middle East

Two new members join the UK sales team and a regional manager is appointed for the Middle East to strengthen Dialight’s position in these markets as a forerunner in the field of industrial LED lighting.

Newmarket, UK – 21 February 2011 – Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), an innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, today announced three new appointments who between them bring many years of experience in the strategically important hazardous location market and of successfully developing business sales in the Middle East. Together they will contribute to the continuing growth of the company’s solid state hazardous area lighting business.

Lee Westwood and Costas Yarrow join Dialight’s UK team as Area Sales Managers, jointly bringing over 40 years of experience in hazardous area equipment. Moving to Dialight from Appleton ATX, a division of Emerson Industrial Automation, Lee’s experience ranges from installation work to specification of hazardous area equipment, while Costas joins from Whitecroft Lighting Ltd having started in hazardous area and petro-chemical markets before becoming involved in sales of industrial and commercial applications.

Pieter Zijlmans joins Dialight as General Manager Middle East for hazardous area and industrial lighting, having previously spent more than five years in the oil and gas sector, most recently as General Manager for the Middle East region at the TKH Group, a Dutch stock listed company providing state of the art telecommunication and electro technical engineering and industrial solutions.

Pieter comments: “From my experience, introducing innovative energy saving products in the Middle East is a win-win situation for the oil & gas companies, energy companies and local governments; they save money and operating cost and are lowering their carbon footprint while investing in a sustainable future.” He cites a quote from earlier this year from Mr. Mohammed Al Jariri, Senior Manager Business Excellence and Environment at the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority: “LED Lighting products are products that will help the region to conserve instead of consume energy.”

Dialight CEO Roy Burton stated: “These new appointments will enable us to drive faster sales growth in the strategically important sector of hazardous area lighting. Now with our new Middle East office we are also well positioned to substantially expand our business in that key region as part of our intention to establish Dialight as the market leader for industrial LED lighting throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.”

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Award-winning ExCeL London Exhibition & Conference Centre chooses high quality LED lighting to meet energy efficiency targets

Read the full case study here

In January 2010 Dialight’s Agent, Ocip Energy Ltd, approached the ExCeL London management team with a view to utilising LED lighting products to both reduce energy consumption and to see how they could improve their lighting in order to achieve uniformity throughout the central boulevard of the exhibition and conference centre.  At almost half a mile in length this is the main thoroughfare and public space used by all events. The solution that ExCeL chose for this critical space not only improved the light quality, but reduced operating and maintenance costs while also improving energy efficiency.

• Central boulevard almost ½ mile long
• Number of fixtures – 194
• Replaced – 400W HPS with 150W LED High Bay
• Illuminance level – moved from 100 to 220 lux
• Mounting height – 10 metres
• Energy reduction – 70%

The lighting challenge

Engineering and Energy Manager, Chris Barnes explains how the need for improved lighting came about: “During the Phase Two expansion of ExCeL we used ETFE roofing above the new section of the central boulevard to allow us to harvest a lot of daylight. The Phase One section was still lit by 400W high pressure sodium lamps which produce variable colour rendering as they age, so it looked dark by comparison. We specifically wanted to improve the lighting so that visitors could flow through the two areas without noticing a big difference in lighting conditions. Lighting is a key part of the user experience of this building and, as we couldn’t cut holes in the roof of the old section to let in daylight, it had to be an internal solution to matching the light quality.”

Additionally the ExCeL management team wanted to meet energy efficiency targets as part of their award-winning policy to continuously evolve and implement practices that deliver economic security, social and environmental benefits. A key part of this policy is to put a sustainable business strategy in place for lighting and other essential elements of its direct in-house operations.

How the challenge was overcome with LED lighting

Working closely with Ocip Energy Ltd management team and Dialight’s engineers, ExCeL London agreed to a trial of eight DuroSite™ Series LED High Bay lights from applied LED technology specialist Dialight. The 150W LED High Bays were used to replace 400W sodium lamps on a one-for-one basis and delivered more than double the lighting level taking the measured lux from 100 to 220. On the basis of this result the installation was extended to a total of 194 LED High Bay lights throughout the central boulevard.

Chris Barnes had trialled other LED lights and says: “Dialight’s High Bay suits the purpose for the building; it looks nice, it’s aesthetically pleasing, it ticks all the boxes. For example, the boulevard is a public area and when there’s a power cut the HPS can take 2-3 minutes to come back on, whereas the LED is back on instantly. Our events managers noticed that and they like it, so now there’s a push to get more LEDs installed.”
ExCeL Case Study from Dialight on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dialight Adds LED Wallpack Fixture to SafeSite® Series Lighting Products for Hazardous Locations

Rugged, Low-Profile RoHS-Compliant Fixture Now Certified for Class I, Div 2 and Class II, Div 2 Applications

Farmingdale, NJ (February 3rd, 2011) – Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), an innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, announced today that its SafeSite™ Series LED Wallpack Luminaire has achieved Class I, Division 2 certification for use in hazardous locations, including oil platforms, chemical facilities and other potentially explosive environments.

Offering superior energy savings and long-life performance with dramatically less maintenance than traditional solutions for hazardous locations, the SafeSite Wallpack fixture is designed to replace conventional HID, incandescent and fluorescent fixtures.

Available in a variety of color temperatures, including cool, neutral or warm white, the new Wallpack fixture also offers optional wide or oval optical distribution. Specifically designed for easy retrofit to existing wiring, the fixture is ideal for use in stairwells, platforms, exits, walkways, building exteriors, tunnels and other confined or hard-to-access spaces and is available in light grey, black or white finish to match the application.

With its lightweight, low-profile, compact design, the 9.5 lb. Wallpack offers flexible installation options for flush-mount or 30-degree wall mounting brackets or no bracket at all for direct mounting. Additional mounting accessories are available, including stainless steel adjustable brackets and stanchion mounting brackets

“Even under the most extreme conditions, this unit will last up to three times as long as traditional HID fixtures and fluorescent technology,” said Roy Burton, Dialight’s Group Chief Executive. “Aside from virtually eliminating costly and sometimes dangerous bulb changes, at 73 lumens per watt, it’s also extremely energy efficient for even lower total cost of ownership over the life of the fixture.”

Delivering up to 10 years of operation, the SafeSite’s rugged, solid-state design makes it highly resistant to shock and vibration for greater reliability and reduced maintenance costs over the life of the fixture. Rated for input voltage of 100-277 VAC, the SafeSite LED Wallpack offers high luminous efficacy with 70% lumen maintenance over 60,000 hours. The fixture is available in both 11-watt and 22-watt versions and is completely free of hazardous materials, including mercury, and creates almost no light spill.

In addition to Class I, Div 2, the powder-coated aluminum Wallpack luminaire is certified for ATEX Zone 1, 21 and Zone 2, 22, and carries IP66, IP67, IK04 ratings.

Backed by Dialight’s exclusive five year warranty for continuous operation, the SafeSite LED Wallpack also features instant on/off operation, enabling greater efficiency and an extended lifespan, even in the most demanding applications.

For more information about the Dialight SafeSite Series LED Wallpack Luminaire, including IES files and technical datasheets, visit Dialight's Wallpack Resources Page.

Dialight Expands to Australia via Acquisition

Industrial Lighting Solutions (ILS) is now Dialight ILS Australia

Newmarket, UK (February 3rd, 2011) – Dialight, the innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, has recently acquired 75% of Lightday Investments Pty Ltd trading as Industrial Lighting Solutions (ILS), its Australian distributor of ultra-efficient lighting products. The newly formed company will trade as Dialight ILS Australia and has already introduced Dialight’s ‘turtle-friendly’ LED lighting into environmentally sensitive installations such as Western Australia’s Gorgon Gas Project, one of the world's largest natural gas projects and the largest single resource natural gas project in Australia's history. Dialight ILS Australia will serve the large industrial/hazardous mining sector in Australia while further supporting the company’s thrust into the industrial and hazardous lighting market with its ultra-efficient lighting products.

Dialight CEO Roy Burton stated: “The addition of ILS will enable us to access new markets in these burgeoning industries, and to substantially expand our business in Australia and nearby regions. This acquisition marks a significant step in our growth strategy.”

To find out more about Dialight ILS visit: