Friday, May 13, 2011

Dialight Celebrates Summer Tradition with Corporate Wiffle Ball League

Paying homage to a local summer sports tradition, employees at local LED lighting company Dialight have kicked off the summer with a co-ed inter-office wiffle ball league, complete with full stats, major-league-style trading, official rule book and an elaborate summer-long schedule that includes a Home Run Derby Week during the Fourth of July.

Games are played behind Dialight’s Farmingdale corporate offices every Friday at lunchtime. Typical of the technical prowess of the Dialight staff, organizers even used aerial satellite imagery of the office grounds to delineate foul, single hit and homerun territory.

Thirty-six employees are participating, including an executive management team, The Chiefs, that so far shares the lead at 2-0 with the Light Rays. The Wiffle-Brawlers are 1-1, while the Wiffle of Doom and Whiff This!!! have yet to post in the win column.

“Wiffle ball is a Jersey Shore tradition and I’ve been playing since I was four,” said Dialight’s Director of Marketing Michael Schratz. “The league has been a great way for us to blow off steam and have fun, but it’s been a great team-building exercise, too.”

The league has definitely sparked some inter-office competition, and even a little good-natured teasing between colleagues for their performance—or lack thereof—on the field. But, the players insist that it’s all in good fun.

“The games have become the talk of the office, and a great morale booster for everyone in the company,” said Dialight product manager Anthony Russo who helped to organize the league.

“We’ve even managed to convince the management to get on board, which makes things a little interesting. It makes you wonder if they’ll remember that you struck them out when it comes time for your performance review,” Russo quipped.

Regular season play in the Dialight league continues through August 12 with playoffs throughout the fall winding down to a 3-game final round that ends October 14.