Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dialight LED Products Receive Letters of Recommendation from Dubai Electricity & Water Authority in Recognition of Energy Efficiency

LEED-Certified Products Reduce Energy Consumption, Meet New Green Building Standards

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – (March 29, 2012) Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the global leader in LED lighting technology, announced today that the company received five letters of recommendation from the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) in recognition of the high energy efficiency standards upheld by Dialight’s key LED lighting products. Five LED lighting models received official letters of recommendation at the SmarTech / WETEX event that was held 13-15 March, 2012, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

“We’re pleased to receive these letters of recommendation from DEWA,” said Pieter Zijlmans, Dialight General Manager, Middle East Region. “It’s a testament to our products’ compliance with green standards and our ability to assist customers who are looking for street and area lighting solutions that are LEED-certified and compliant with the Green Building standards that will become mandatory in 2013.”

The Dialight LED models that received letters of recommendation are the DuroSite® Series LED High Bay Fixture (HBGC4P); the DuroSite® Series LED High Bay Luminaire (HB2C4m-EU); the DuroSite® LED Low Bay Fixture (LBW1C1D-EU); the StreetSense Series LED Street Light (SL3C4RLGH); and the DuroSite® LED Area Light (STW9C2N). The recognition of the products’ energy efficiency by a third-party testing organization is significant because it indicates that the products have demonstrated their ability to withstand local conditions, including sand, dust and heat, while delivering exceptional lighting and meeting stringent global standards for green operation.

Mr. Zijlmans, who has led strategic development of lighting solutions for Dialight’s regional market since January 2011 and has extensive experience in the Middle East, is currently engaged in promoting the use of energy-efficient LED lighting to local governments, oil & gas companies and other organizations. The letters of recommendation are extremely helpful in that regard since local organizations rely on them to signal that products meet the region’s green standards.

“Dialight can deliver unparalleled quality and efficiency for customers who need a product that meets local green standards as well as LEED Green Building certification requirements,” Mr. Zijlmans remarked. “This is an important advantage for customers who are constructing new facilities and retrofitting existing buildings to meet mandatory guidelines.”