Thursday, January 10, 2013

How’s this for truly shock-proof LED lighting?

Dialight’s LED luminaires undergo a test on a deck shock machine that simulates the effects of an explosion on ships decks and bulkheads. Just look at the punishment they take from 35G and 70G stress and the lights don’t even flicker!

First you’ll see the test in real time, then at half speed and finally at 25 frames a second. It’s the final sequence that really shows what they’re going through. Video © QinetiQ Ltd 2012.
About the Deck Shock Machine

This is an essential test for equipment on naval vessels. The Deck Shock Machine simulates the shock experienced by equipment on ships decks and bulkheads removed from the ships bottom. The nature of the pulse is that of a damped sinusoidal wave with a frequency, depending on equipment mass, of between 23Hz and 27Hz.

The test took place at the Shore Based Shock Testing Facility at QinetiQ’s Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) at Rosyth Royal Dockyard whose principal function is the simulation of non-contact underwater explosions using shock machines.